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Lost and Found

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I was going through my things and found this poem that I wrote a few years ago to someone very dear to me who struggles with substance abuse. It’s a roller coaster ride that is taken by many.

I still talk to him often and deeply care for him. He still struggles. Sometimes it seems like he’s trying to turn to the Lord but things just aren’t quite right. God doesn’t seem to do things the way that makes sense to him, but at least he’s exploring. I feel helpless to help sometimes but all I can do is continue to pray for him and be there for him when he needs to talk. I have to be careful not to be a crutch for him. God uses us all in His own way as vessels to communicate, love, teach, and inspire each other but when we don’t see progress we can get discouraged, feel like we are failing, and eventually give up. But it’s not about me. It’s about the Lord using me as part of His team to work together to fulfill His purpose. God’s glory shing through me is what’s important.

I will continue to pray, giving up this situation to Jesus.  I ask for your prayers too.

I also ask for prayers for his son who has been going down a dangerous path for several years. He’s been in and out of rehabs and prison. He accepted Christ at one point and lived in the Word for about two years before his addictions took over again. I believe that God is hanging on to him and will bring him back home to Him. Please believe with me. God gives us the freedom to choice, which is an awesome gift. But there is really a battlefield at work at affects us all

Here is the poem I wrote.


Lost and Found


At least you know you’re lost. At least you know you’re weak.

It’s part of God’s intention that you realize it’s bleak

without the strength and guidance of the one who is NOT you.

The only hope you have does not have anything to do

with the things that you do right or the things that you do wrong.

But the pure and simple Grace of God is what will make you strong.


Some people say you’re hopeless, that you’ve screwed up everything.

Well what makes us any better if we too think we can cling

to the things that we do right and the things that we do wrong

then compare ourselves to you and think that somehow we belong

to some special group of people more deserving of HIS grace.

If we think our score is better, then we’ve got some truths to face.


The pure and simple truth is that we’re all deep in that hole

’til we finally figure out we’re not the ones that have control.

There’s not one of us in this life who is better than the other.

But the people who are blessed are the people who discover

that the only way to live is when we let our egos go

and we ask God for his mercy, then we’ll see his mercy flow.


I know you know you’re lost. I know you know you’re week.

You medicate yourself so much that you don’t try to seek

the one and only being that will truly save your soul.

But the thing that has to happen first is giving up control.

And face a little truth and have a little faith.

Give your everything to God And He will give you Grace.


Deb Stewart


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