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Are You Growing

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By: Joanne Lowe

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

2 Timothy 2:15
King James Version

My sister received a digital photo frame for Christmas. She brought it over and showed me the pictures she had taken during the Christmas holidays. It was so pretty seeing a picture pause for a couple of minutes and then going to the next picture. I have seen regular photo albums that showed children having a birthday party each year. The children didn’t look the same as they did the previous year. It was easy to see that the older they got, the more they grew.

Last night as I was thinking about those pictures, I could see Jesus watching us in a digital photo frame in His heart of unconditional love. I wonder as Jesus looks at each one of us as the photos change if He sees us growing. Does He see us growing in the forgiveness area? Is it easier for us to forgive people now than it was in the past?

If we tell them that we forgive them but we haven’t forgiven them from our hearts, we have not forgiven them. We are still harboring resentment, unforgiveness, bitterness and hatred in our hearts. Not only does unforgiveness in our hearts hinder our relationship with them, it also hinders our relationship with Jesus and hurts Him.

Of course, God never intended for us to be doormats. We don’t have to stay in the same room with someone if the person is yelling at us, cursing us and saying hateful, harsh and critical words to us. We can leave the room and go to another room. We might still be able to hear those cruel words but at least we don’t have to see the hatred on the person’s face.

Are we growing in our dedication to serve Jesus? People have emailed me and called me on the telephone and asked me why I compose and send my devotions on holidays because most people are too busy to check their email. The reason why is because I love Jesus and I want to make Him happy. Also, there might be someone who is hurting and needs to know that Jesus loves him or her.

I don’t believe that Jesus ever took a day off when He was here on earth. The reason why He didn’t take a day off is because He loves us so much and wanted to be available for us all the time. Are you available to serve Jesus all the time or only when it is convenient for you and fits into your schedule?

If we aren’t serving Jesus every day, we need to search our hearts to see how much we love Him. Our service to Jesus depends on our level of love for Him. When we love someone, we will go out of our way to do things to make that person happy. A wife once said “I don’t like to go camping because my husband insists that we get up very early in the morning but I do it because I love my husband and it makes him happy”.

Do we love Jesus enough to get up very early in the morning and pray for our loved ones and for people who are hurting and desperately need Jesus? Are we willing to shut off the television during the day and call someone on the telephone that is lonely and needs to know that somebody cares about him or her??

When Jesus comes back for us, will you be able to look Him in the eyes and tell Him that you did your very best to serve Him or will you have to hang your head in shame and look away? Will He have a smile on His face and joy in His heart or will He have a frown on His face and sadness in His heart? How much do you love Jesus?

Joanne Lowe
December 27, 2007
Author Resource: God has given Joanne two ministries. One is doing Inspirational Writings, the other is Encouraging Pastors.

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© Joanne Lowe 2008
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