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Commentary In Response to WAKE UP CHURCH!!!!

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It seems like we seek God to comfort us, but when there are expectations of us that take us out of our comfort zone we cave in. God is Sovereign! He is our Creator! We can’t change Him into what we want Him to be or pick and choose what we want to “get” from Him.

Once we get past the idea that “it’s all about us”, we can realize that He has given us everything even though we don’t deserve anything! God even sent His only begotten Son to save us from perils that we can’t even imagine. We can live in denial of our fate without God but that won’t change it. His Word describes eternal darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth, the fire of hell, everlasting fire, outer darkness, everlasting punishment. None of these sound good to me. We SHOULD fear a destiny apart from God!

But the good news is that God loves us and doesn’t want any of those things to happen to us!!

The Bible says “”Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” But when the door is opened, we can’t stand outside doing things our own way or live by formulas. religious habits or rules that we think will impress God. When He opens the door, He wants us to come in and reside with Him and He will reside within us. He will teach us what we need to know and suit us with the armor we need to endure anything that we are up against. When we turn to Him, we are not giving up our “fun” or “individualism”. He wants us to have these things because He loves us so much! The more we know Him the more He shows us His love. Our own uniqueness is enhanced by the Holy Spirit within us! The love of God is the most powerful thing in the universe. And it’s ours for free!

Through Christ I have been made a part of the family of God, forever! I am part of His chosen people. There is a common bond in this family, Christ resides in each of us. His Holy Spirit resides in me! He brings me joy, strength, comfort, direction, provision and so much more when I turn to Him.

In my nature I still make decisions to do things my own way. It’s a constant battle. There are times when He makes it clear to me that I am supposed to do something outside of my comfort zone and I don’t always like it. And sometimes I dodge it. But then I am reminded that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)”.

God has given us the wonderful gift of choice. When we choose something on our own it’s so much more powerful than when the choice is made for us. In the flesh, our choices are made for us; addictions, obsessions, envy, deception, anger, lust, selfishness, etc. We natually migrate (or should I say default) to these things and they all eventually lead to destruction. We can’t forget what we are up against. It is a constant battle, we can’t rest on any formulas. We must must continually turn to our Redeemer! He has chosen us, and once we choose to turn to Him, He reveals to us our purpose in His kingdom.

In Christ I stand on solid ground. I don’t want to stand on the sinking sand that a life apart from Him has to offer.


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